Are you delivering great customer experiences time and time again?

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customer_experience_management-resized-600 (1)

By John D. Laslavic, LPBC, Business Coach / President, ThistleSea Business Development, LLC

Common sense tells us that every business needs customers.  The service your customers expect from you, your employees and your company in providing a consistent product or service that meets their requirements and fulfills their needs will determine if you gain repeat business and garner more referrals, right.  Well almost right!

Your customer service might be underperforming if you answer YES to any of these questions:

  • Are your employees underperforming and cast in the wrong jobs?
  • Do your managers and employees have little or no feeling of real success?
  • Does your team feel underappreciated?
  • Is your training inconsistent or non-existent?
  • Is your company void of  industry orthe adoption of business best practices?

Sad to say, customer service is not enough today to win a customer’s repeat business or their referrals for your business.  For you and your business to earn a customer’s repeat business today, you must look beyond just delivering great products and services.  Today, you must provide customers with a great customer experience.

According to the recent studies, 60% to 80% of customers who say they are satisfied with a company’s product or service find that alone is not enough to get them to return and to obtain their repeat business.  So, in addition to offering a great product or service, you must build experiences that create loyal customers and that gain you loyal raving fans.

A customer base that builds and returns is build through great customer experiences.  To have those experiences, you must be intentional.  Have you established the environment and are you building the systems that will lead you to inspire and astound your customers time and time again?

If you want to work on or learn more about building a business system that delivers a great customer experience time and time again, we are here to assist you.   Give ThistleSea Business Development, LLC  a call at (724) 935-1930 or email us at