Advice from a River

In September, 2015 Wendy had an exciting vacation with family in Yellowstone National Park. She picked up several “Advice from . . ." writings authored by Ilan Shamir and is sharing them with you to expand the thinking and apply to your business.

By Wendy Lydon

Photo by Wendy Lydon

Photo by Wendy Lydon

Go with the flow

Working on ALL aspects of your business to ensure continued success will allow you to enjoy smooth waters and prepare for the rough ones.

Immerse yourself in nature

Take time to enjoy your surroundings. Sometimes a nice walk to clear your mind will result in the most incredible ideas!

Slow down and meander

Take time to understand what is going on in your business. As an owner and leader, you must spend time with your staff, teammates and customers to be able to truly listen.  

Go around the obstacles

Obstacles are there for you as a checkpoint! Determine what's in the way and develop innovative ways to get around them to ensure continued success.

Be thoughtful of those downstream

An inspiring and kind leader will have followers. Always inspire and be considerate of your employees. If you understand and help them to achieve their goals, they will help you achieve yours!  

Stay current

Others will believe if you believe! How involved are you in your industry and market? Be sure to stay current with the trends and competitive environment. Network and create relationships. Claim the expert space as a speaker, trainer and mentor to your colleagues and staff.

The beauty is the journey

Being a leader is not a race! The leadership journey is one that provides you with growth and new understanding along the way. Be sure to celebrate yourself and those around you as you venture along your path of success and, more importantly, significance.