It's not too early...

The summer of 2016 is winding down and a new fall season is fast approaching. Soon the children will be back in school, and fall sports will once again dominate the airways, competing with the madness of this year’s presidential election. 

In speaking and working with business owners, we’re finding that many are preparing for more volatility, uncertainty, and complexity in 2017. As this is both the perception and a possibility, having business clarity when planning for 2017 is more important than ever. Clarity requires inner strength, discipline, self-understanding, external engagement, a clear vision of success, and an inspiring call-to-action with flexibility. 

It’s not too early to begin your business planning for 2017.

You may be thinking, “Yeah right, are you crazy? It’s way too early!”

Well, consider that the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving, are just about 13 weeks away. (We’ve all experienced the fun, excitement and pressure of that time of year when we’re a bit distracted from our business and work.) So I’ll make the case to begin your planning now, complete your planning in September, budget in October and finalize your plan and budget by Thanksgiving.

This process will help you to have fewer distractions and maximum clarity and avoid the many end-of-year disruptions as 2016 comes to a close. Your vision and leadership require intense focus if you are anything like the awesome business owners and executives we work with every day. 

At ThistleSea, our team knows that stable times require a planning and financial forecasting process to obtain the business, personal and financial successes you envision. During these times, the ability to stay flexible and prepare in advance for the unexpected is even more important. 

Best of luck with your 2017 planning. ThistleSea is here to help if you want to evaluate your situation or would like assistance with your 2017 plans. Just contact one of our team members. 


Great Client Testimonial For ThistleSea Business Development, LLC

Ultimate Defensive Driving School LLC.

25 February 2011

Mr. John Laslavic Thistle Sea Business Development 7500 Brooktree Rd Wexford, PA 15090

Dear John:

I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude for your service.  We have come a long way in a short period of time in putting systems in place.  My business has evolved into a premiere driver safety training company.  We have expanded our business solely on our discussions and implementation of solid rules and sticking with them.  You have a good product and service and are easily accessible. Our discussions at 10pm on several occasions have paid dividends many times. Furthermore, you also continue to expand and provide top shelf service as well.  Recently, you added an information technology person to help with state of the art web design.  Alex Lau has brought a whole new facet to your company.  I now have a state of the art website.

As for Ultimate Defensive Driving we have had explosive growth in the safe driver training arena.  We have grown over 30 percent for the past 2 years, added 5 employees and instructed well over 300 young drivers and 250 drivers of companies in our region.  You can rest assured that our growth can be attributed to your diligence in keeping us on track.  Thanks again and continued success with your company!

Respectfully, James A. Clair President/ Founder

720 Hartland Drive Cranberry Twp., PA 16066 724.321.5655

Steps To Take To Avoid And Overcome The Latest Crisis!

The Burden Is Back (Still) On YOU! YOU still have to lead your business no matter what the politicians promise or your view of what the government officials should or shouldn't do to solve the latest impending crisis of the day. Now, it is more important than ever for you to strengthen your business and at the same time avoid falling prey to all the negativity and manipulation by outsiders (those who don't have your interest at heart).

When it comes to the media, we should always remember they make their livings on entertaining us by reporting breaking news, progressive opinions or solving your problems behind their camera or microphone. They have no vested interest in you, your loved ones or your business.

We have all seen it, one day's "this" and the next day's "that" can be totally conflicting. So, what can you do to prepare yourself for next year and beyond? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit down, relax and take a deep breath.
  2. Reflect a minute on whether your business is producing what you need for a rich personal life.
  3. Map out what you want your life and your business to look like by the end of next year. What is your vision?
  4. With that vision in mind, determine what steps you would need to take to get you where you want it to be.
  5. Identify the specific steps you could take that might move you closer to your vision by the end of 2009. (Note: It's OK if you have a big vision and some of your steps can carry over to 2010 and beyond.)
  6. Build your action plan and move a little closer to your vision every day.
  7. Re-evaluate and make adjustments along the way.

If you are unsure of how to get where you want to go, contact us or a qualified trusted advisor for assistance.

ThistleSea Business Development encourages you to start strengthening your business today. It is never too late to start. Try these 7 steps and let us know how they have worked for YOU.

By John D. Laslavic, LPBC, President, ThistleSea Business Development, LLC

(c) 2009-2010 all rights reserved; ThistleSea Business Development, LLC